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Gaming BritishIcon MaleIcon YouTuber

Fraser, known online as iVexusHD, is a variety gaming YouTuber. He lives in Bristol, South England, UK. He uploads around every other day. Fraser is a member and founder of the popular YouTube recording group, Team³ along with BeaTheCraftian, RealSquigGames, Pip3r Games, MertsyUniverse, lolalove33 and Kai Ross-Best. Fraser is also a member of the popular Minecraft community group, TheWorldSMP. Fraser's online persona is of a Wolf, in which began when he changed his Minecraft skin to a wolf. His secondary Minecraft account, iVexusHD, has a skin in which depicts him through his real-life appearance. Fraser is usually a bubbly and excitable person who is overly obsessed with curry and enjoys banterous Friday nights with his friends, especially the ever funny, MertsyUniverse. Along his journey, he has also had an intro made by EnderFarts. He has gained over 4.5 thousand subscribers on his Channel.

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