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What’s up, losers? Ian64 here!

―Ian’s intro

Ian, known on YouTube as Ian64, is a YouTuber known as the second oldest TV Channel-like structured channel on YouTube, predated only by happyhour. The channel began in October 2008 and has continued until 2016. However, it was announced that the channel would be coming back in Summer 2016.

In August 2016, Ian moved to a town south of Portland, Oregon. He later stated that he decided to stop doing nerd stuff and stop making videos again because he wanted to concentrate on his life more.

Aside from the channel's in-depth and diverse shows, Ian64 is known for its live-action skits and other videos. Ian himself has also been known as the "World's Greatest Troll", as well as the "King of Swag". Despite the channel's history, no awards have ever been presented to the channel.

Ian's content used to be aimed at children but the target audience had become older as the channel matured.

Ian curently wants his channel to have MORE VIEWERS and wishes to do collab videos. Ian's voice has been compared to a high pitched version of Futurama Season 1's Bender,


Ian64 was originally known as Ian2bp5 and was created by the now 14-years-old Ian Proctor. The channel's first show was The Adventures of Ringy and Turtup, and it featured stuffed animals in a high-fantasy setting. It lasted from 2008-2011. Squidy, a character from the series, has become the channel's mascot.

In 2009, Ian began experimenting with animation and created some animated shorts, with many of them centering around a Flea character getting squashed. This eventually became the Flea series. In 2011, the amount of videos being created dropped, and the channel went on hiatus in 2012. In 2013, the channel resurfaced with the sci-fi themed Minecraft Ralph series, which has become one if the channel's most popular. It lasted from 2013-2014, but a full length movie was released in 2016, with more movies announced to be made after the channel comes back. Since the Minecraft Ralph series, the channel has passed the 500 subscriber mark. However, Ian changed his interests to Nintendo and Garry's Mod and created the Pokemation series in 2015. The series began as animated shorts but then became a Garry's Mod series. Ian also changed the channel's name to Ian64. Ian then began making Game Reviews in the form of Gameswag videos and also began making a video game titled "Mr Woo Land".

In 2016, VLog style videos became more common, and the Minecraft Ralph movie was released, but had a lot of cussing. After this, someone reported this behavior to his school, which prompted Ian to make a response video, stating that his Freedom of Speech was being destroyed and that it was wrong of people to go to his school; his livelihood; and force him to take down any cussing videos of his. However, nothing changed and Ian had to have censors monitor his videos. Whenever he consulted his censors about a video idea that could potentially increase the subscriber average of the account, the censors would shoot it down. This prompted Ian to make videos without their permission; however they were forced to be taken down. So Ian announced in a VLog video that he has decided to shut the channel down, and that he would only make Vlogs and Mr Woo Land videos. In May 2016, Ian made a VLog that he had "jumped on to the #WTFU train" due to Nintendo trying to take down his Gameswag videos on Nintendo games. On June 9, 2016, Mr Woo Land was released on iOS.

However, Ian64 had the urge to make videos again and convinced his censors to loosen their grip, and on June 19, 2016, the channel returned to YouTube, with Ian asking his fans to spread #Ian64IsBack across YouTube. The channel came back with a new season of Pokemation, with one episode being released every day.

On June 28, 2016, Ian64 released a new trailer for the newly announced Mr Woo Land 2. In October 2016, Ian teased a third season of Pokemation. As of October 2016, the channel is on temporary hiatus, as Ian recently moved to Portland, OR.


Ian64's biggest source of controversy was by far his cussing in later videos; however he easily sorted this out. The Pokemation series also gathered controversy due to its politically incorrect nature, however many fans say that the Pokemation series is by far the channel's greatest and funniest show. On June 21, 2016, the third episode of the second season of Pokemation, Rainbow-Ribbon Snivy, was criticized for being offensive towards transgenders (such as when Emboar calls Snivy a "tranny", as well as the fact that Snivy only became a girl for financial gain). The episode still remains up, however.

Link to Rainbow-Ribbon Snivy: ☀

In 2013, Ian64 released a Pikmin 3 skit, which recieved massive negative attention due to its somewhat annoying and cutesy nature. Some people have personnaly attacked the cyberbullies. The bullies also began telling Ian to kill himself, which Ian responded to in a VLog in 2016, where he told the bullies to "fuck off" and "do something better than tell some kid on the internet to kill himself". The response video was taken down, but the original Pikmin 3 video remains up.


Ian64 still remains a somewhat unknown channel. However, Ian became known for his outspoken and somewhat crazy nature, and its series are regarded as "awesome". The Ringy and Turtup series inspired many youtubers such as jsullivan1998's Angry Birds videos. Pokemation inspired a new wave of comedy series revolving around Garry's Mod. The Ralph series has also been known as "the real superminecraftkid" and inspired many kids to make Minecraft videos.


  • Ian is 5"6' tall.
  • Ian is a Nintendo fanboy.
  • Ian grew up in Huntington Beach, CA but is moving to Washington DC.
  • Ian weighs approximately 121 lb.
  • Ian's pets are Mr Woo, Madame Wong, Mickey, Fuzzball, and his old dog, Ralphy.
  • Ian was part of the official BanjoForSmash Twitter group.
  • Ian's favorite food is gourmet burgers.
  • Ian is an atheist.
  • Ian is a Bernie Sanders supporter.
  • Ian is known as Bitcrush Games in the App Development world.
  • Ian has OCD.
  • Ian may have autisim in some form.
  • Ian says that he wants to stop doing series and take the channel in a completely new direction, however he wants to quickly push out the new Pokemation season first. When asked what he would like to do next, Ian stated that he wants to make an outrageously crazy news/internet talk show, with Ian as the host. He also said that he wants to rant on random stuff. However, Ian may not be able to do this because of the censors.
  • Ian has the ability to manipulate his sight in a variety of ways and can blur his vision, make both of his eyes cross away from each other, control each eye independently, and can willingly give himself diplophia (double vision).


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