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Rebecca, known as instagamrr on YouTube and across social media, is an American YouTube gamer, Twitch streamer, and entertainment personality known for her puns, exploitation of glitches in video games and humor. She rose to prominence quickly, gaining 10,000 subscribers in just two months on YouTube. She currently has over 34,000 Subscribers and 4 Million views on her Instagamrr channel.

Personal Life

Before YouTube, Rebecca worked for a tech start-up. She has her bachelors in political science and is a grad student pursuing her masters at Harvard.


Instagamrr created her channel on August 25, 2014. She started making gaming videos for fun, and then realized the impact they have. Instagamrr's first gaming video was uploaded August 25, 2014. Her channel began to rapidly grow; by September 23, 2014 she hit 1,000 subscribers, and just over a month later on November 4 she hit 10,000 subscribers. She became a figure for women in gaming on YouTube, speaking on the equality of women in gaming and women as public figures within the gaming community.

It's Becky Boop

In 2015, Rebecca created a second channel named It's Becky Boop. On the channel you will find reaction videos on YouTube and internet news, as well as making videos on important and interesting topics.


  • She is 5'3
  • She used to work for Apple