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Scott Wallis (born: July 7, 1995 (1995-07-07) [age 23]), better known online as IntoTheBarrier, is a British Formula One-based video-gamer from Lancashire, England.

Personal Life

He is currently attending University (stating that he has gone to study Broadcast Journalism and that it was largely down to the channel that he got the place) and as a result has, for the time being, put his channel on hold.


He uploaded his first video on October 7, 2010, and has steadily built up a following ever since. He has had no breakthrough series/video per sé (he mostly does standalone videos), however his Grosjean Parody video is by far his most popular (with 407,973 views as of 09 May 2016)<, and his Under Pressure series has also proved to be a hit amongst his viewers.

His channel currently sits on 55,726 subscribers and over 10,898,471 video views (as of 09 May 2016). He has collaborated with his friend Matt (known as MiniMattTurner) in a number of videos, as well as with other Formula One YouTubers, such as often racing with Tiametmarduk and guest-commentating on RyanL83's Overtakes of the Week series. He is also a semi-regular tweeter.


  • IntoTheBarrier is known for a number of running themes, most notably the common recurrence of 'Horsey', first introduced in the F1 2012 video 'Hectic Hockenheim'. Other themes include 'Shed', 'Aliens' and calling Marussia cars by their former name 'Virgin' for comedic effect.
  • He is a fan of the English football (soccer) team Aston Villa.
  • He got the idea for his channel from shouting at his games of FIFA and wondering if people would like it if he put it up (though playing F1 instead) on YouTube.
  • His commentary is not live, however it is also unscripted.
  • His favourite Formula 1 race is Canada 2011, and his favourite football player is former Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke.
  • He describes himself as "very horrendously inconsistent", due to the erratic timing of his video uploads.
  • He took a 4 month break from YouTubing in early 2014 to do voluntary work in Africa.


"Hello everyone!" -his intro phrase

"I'm going up the inside the virgin!" -when overtaking Marussia cars on the inside a corner, using the word virgin for a comedic innuendo effect.

"It must be aliens" -often says this (or a very similar phrase) when playing a race with bad lag on either F1 2013, F1 2014 or F1 2015.

"Thank you so much for watching, and goodbye." -his outro phrase