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{{YouTuber |username = ionclasher |image = IonClash.jpg |Twitter = ionclasher |other media = |join date = April 14, 2014

|most viewed video =
Top 5 RAREST Clans People In Clash Of Clans!06:58

Top 5 RAREST Clans People In Clash Of Clans!

|style = Gaming |status = Active | vids = 117+ Ion Clash is a Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale YouTuber. Ion makes List videos,Tips,raid replays and even videos about his clans. Ion owns many many clans on Clash Of Clans, Ion says Ion X is his home clan.

Ions Clans

IX: Ions Clan

ILX: Hybrid Clan

IMX: Pushing Clan

ICX: War Clan

IJ: ReqAndRun Clan

IKX: War Clan

ITX: Troll Clan

IGX: Feeder 1

IBX: Feeder 2

ISX: Feeder 2

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