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iskall (born in 1985 [age 30]), aka Viktor, known on YouTube as iskall85, is a Swedish gaming YouTuber and an active member of the Minecraft server HermitCraft. He joined HermitCraft at the begging of season 4, at the same time as rendog, GoodTimeWithScar, cubfan135, and Welsknight. Currently he has a full time job. According to himself, his profession is Business Tripper of Doom, as his traveling often get in the way of his YouTube career.


Active Series


Iskall joined the HermitCraft Server at the start of season 4. The first episode was published on Feb 25, 2016. The current season is season 5, which started on Apr 13, 2017.

FoolCraft (Modded Minecraft)

FoolCraft is a Minecraft modded series with the FoolCraft modpack. The goal of the modpack, which originally was meant to be Survival Stories 4, is "to have as much fun as freaking possible". The pack is made by iskall85 and his team, including Scalda, WinterGrave and YeahMinecraft. The series is a follow-up for HermitPack and started March 18th.

Hunt the Hermit (HardCore HermitCraft)

It's a special event type of mini-series where patreon of the hermits play a special type of UHC with hermits that are having some special perks which help them to beat their patreon there have been three seasons of it. Up till now. 22nd of March.

Forever Stranded (Quested Minecraft)

Forever Stranded is a modpack where the player has crash-landed their ship in the middle of a vast desert, and they must use their few resources to survive.

Heroes (Minecraft Speed UHC)

A side series where Iskall plays speed UHC [60 minutes long] with another hermit on his server.

Inactive Series

Iskall's Island

Iskall's Island is a single player world started on Aug 5, 2015. It is located on a mushroom island and focused around being technical in Vanilla Minecraft.

Ended Series

HermitPack (HermitCraft Modded)

HermitCraft Modded is modded Minecraft server with people from the HermitCraft server, playing with the HermitPack mod pack.

Survival Stories 3

Survival Stories 3 is an adventure-oriented, build focused, survival modpack, made by Iskall85, Scalda, Jo Mamma75, HazDS and PlentyOfKills. It's the follow up on Iskall85's popular Survival Stories 2.


  • "You think I'm brand new"
  • "I ain't brand new"
  • "Ya fools"
  • "*something* of Doom"

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