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'Hat' (born on October 11, 1997 (1997-10-11) [age 20]), is a YouTube comedian, filmmaker and vlogger who has over 4 thousand combined subscribers from his primary and secondary channels. He grew up in Tottenham, London (UK) where he created the first series of his videos, then moved further out from the city to a undisclosed area in north London. It is believed that 'Hat' is bilingual, as he stated on YouNow that he speaks some Polish because of his family, however this is not confirmed. His real name is unknown to the public, as he is concerned about his privacy and would rather keep 'Hat' as a exaggerated persona of his.


  • Hat's alpaca mascot's name is Cria, which is the name of a baby camelid. It has its own Twitter acc @itscria which you can follow as well as him which is @itshatLOL. Does YouNow streams and his username is hatspls which is the same as his snapchat.
  • Nicknamed 'Dil' for his similarities with Dan & Phil's sim character, Dil, because of a selfie taken when he met them. 
  • Wears hats as they make his hear 'not stick out and do the silly curly thing on the sides'. However, he stopped wearing most hats in his latest videos.