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Jerry and Harry are Dutch Minecraft Machinima makers on YouTube, similar to ExplodingTNT.


At first, they mostly uploaded "random chase scenes", however, after releasing their 15th video, they began making "true" machinimas and featured "fart jokes" in their videos, as well as a scene where the entire cast farts (in Minecraft) at the same time at the end of each video. Farts then became their "signature" or "quirk".

They are also good friends with ExplodingTNT and occasionally star in his videos. Despite this, ExplodingTNT uploaded a troll video featuring Jerry and Harry in early January 2013. In retaliation, It'sJerryandHarry later uploaded an troll video featuring ExplodingTNT. Some of the actors in most of Jerry and Harry's videos are known to be Saul1337Ftw, WhattheHai, PwnagePotato, and MrDeathWilliam. Much like ExplodingTNT, they make their characters talk by making text appear over their heads. They currently have over 1,000,000 subscribers.

In addition to the content featured on their channel, It'sJerryandHarry also own a Minecraft server that is thus far unnamed, a second gaming channel entitled JerryvsHarry, and a second channel, entitled It'sJerryandHarry2, featuring random "garbage" videos.


  • Life of a Wither used the scene from The lost Hat.
  • It'sJerryandHarry shares the same texture pack with ExplodingTNT.
  • Were born in 1997-1998

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