Morgan Foster (aka ItsFozzy) is a British YouTuber widely known for creating his Grand Theft Auto 5 LSPDFR series. Morgan currently has over 16,000 subscribers and 1,575,000 video views as of September 10, 2016.


  • Fozzy uploaded his first video on 28th December 2014
  • On 24th February 2016, Fozzy published his first LSPDFR episode, titled Officer 1-OSCAR-16 , of which his callsign has now changed since to Oscar Charlie 16 to reflect British police forces better.
  • On 20th March 2015, Fozzy posted what would become his most popular video gaining over 150,000 views as of Septermber 10th 2016.


  • Fozzy hit 1000 subscribers on 18th January 2015
  • 5,000 was surpassed on 7th September 2015
  • 10,000 was hit on 31st May 2016
  • Fozzy hit 1,000,000 views on 18th May 2016


  • Fozzy used to make Minecraft videos before switching to focus on the Police and LSPDFR in April 2016
  • Despite videos having relitivley good audio quality, Fozzy's videos do sometimes pick up audio of his little brother and sister who are sometimes heard in the background of some videos
  • He can say the alphabet backwards in less than  3 seconds