CyclonePlays is a currently small Gaming YouTuber named Ben who mainly uploads Minecraft videos, and was first noticed in a live stream with MooseCraft. He uses a semi-robotic voice in his videos. He also a skin that is made to look as a cyborg or andriod. Cyclone mainly does collabs with MooseCraftUnspeakable, 09sharkboy, and MogiDaBoss(also no page on Wikitubia yet) in time to time, along with others. Lately he left the channel ‘ItsMeCylcone’ behind and he started making videos on his alternative channel ’CyclonePlays’ since it had more subscribers.


  • "Hey guys, Cyclone here."
  • "Power dow-ow-ow-own"
  • "For Narnia"
  • "La-di-da-di-da, I'm Moose/Shark and I'm stupid"
  • "Big Fna Love Your Minecraft Videos"