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ItsTehShadow is a Birtish gaming YouTuber that commentaries and machinimas for the entertainment of others. His goal to share the many experiences of gaming with others around him. Recently redesigned with the quote "Aiming for the stars" after his love of wanting to grow on YouTube combined with his interest in space.

Channel Overview

He creates content on a weekly basis, releasing content daily or up to every few days. He creates content on a wide variety of games and topics, including Let's Plays, Reviews and Machinimas.

His current Let's Plays are on:

  • GTA V
  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD
  • Take on Mars
  • Skyrim
  • Minecraft Hardcore  / SMP
  • Varying Indie games

His most popular series include Minecraft Timelapses and his machinima series Tranquility. Due to the production time of these videos, they are released less often than other videos but have gained him his current fanbase.


Kingdom Hearts Final Mix *HD* Ep 1 - Its Finally Here!

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix *HD* Ep 1 - Its Finally Here!

ItsTehShadow's first episode of Kingdom Hearts HD