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Yo, what's up guys, it is Joel here....


Joel Morris (born 2 March 1998), is an English FIFA YouTuber. He created his channel on 9 February 2013 and began to upload FIFA gameplay and content. His videos are based on FIFA Ultimate Team, although he runs a second channel based around FIFA Career Mode. Joel was partially made famous by his 'Strip FIFA" series in which he plays FIFA with attractive women, ultimately leading them to be in their underwear. More than one of these videos has been deleted.

He is a Manchester United FC fan and can be seen wearing Manchester United shirts with Manchester United objects in the background of his videos.

Joel lives in a flat with The Burnt Chip, in an apartment building called the 'Stratford Halo" which also houses many other famous Youtubers such as Callux, Wroetoshaw, Calfreezy, Behzinga, and TBJZL.

As of April 2017, he has just over 2.1 million subscribers.

JMX in April 2017