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J House Vlogs is an American family vlogging channel based in Kansas City, Missouri that joined on September 13, 2014. It focuses on a family of 7 Which includes mom Kendra, dad Jeremy, and their 5 children, 9-year-old Isaac, 8-year-old Elise, 6-year-old Caleb, 4-year-old Laura, and 12-month-old Janae.

Birthdays and Ages

  • Jeremy (born 1982|10|18)
  • Kendra (born 1983|6|21)
  • Isaac (born 2008|6|29)
  • Elise (born 2010|1|20)
  • Caleb (born 2012|2|11)
  • Laura (born 2014|1|25)
  • Janae (born 2017|3|2)


  • The Family's surname is Johnston, which was mentioned for the first time in a vlog "Last Name REVEAL" on 12.25.2017.
  • One of the Family's friends is the Ballinger Family.
  • Elise has dyslexia.
  • Their outro catchphrase is "Goodnight, J House out." Sometimes, either Kendra or Jeremy or one of their kids say this catchphrase, or there will be the outro recorded by one of the kids' voice.