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Jack Massey Welsh (known on YouTube as JackSucksAtLife, formerly JackSucksAtMinecraft), born June 24, 1996 (age 21) is a British YouTuber. He currently lives in Northern England. Joined March 10, 2013, as a content creator, he has since been well-known for his many entertainment videos about Minecraft, featuring series such as his famous hacker-catching/trolling videos on YouTube. Jack currently has over 375,000 subscribers with over 82,000,000 million views in total. Jack may occasionally record with his girlfriend Becky. He is associated with YouTuber NoBoom Gaming (who, the two of them, used to own EvoPvP) and DoniBobes, who may be in a few of his videos (trolling, going on Doni's server, etc.) and sometimes mentioned in his videos. In the past, Jack's channel consisted of Minecraft videos, QnA's, and SG (Survival Games/Hunger Games) videos. He had his own channel which he no longer uploads on named SamSmellsOfApricots.

SkyCade and EvoPVP ( )

SkyCade: Jack own's a Minecraft network which consists of many gamemodes; SMP, Factions, OP Factions, KitPvP, SkyBlock, for a short time it was a Prison server. Recently, they have re-added Prisons to SkyCade. Skycade is where Jack records most of his content, although he may sometimes record on other servers such as Hypixel, his friend's servers, and SkittleMC. He used to record on Mineplex or other servers, record mod showcases and survival games videos and more years ago. Unlike many other servers, Skycade is not pay2win and doesn't sell ranks, which Jack is very proud of. There are regular giveaways, no ranks, however, there commands you can pay for. For example, on factions, the /hat command is £4 GBP, or you could buy all the commands on factions for £10 GBP. Sometimes, the server will host a Purge right before Factions and OP Factions resets. Hacking is allowed in this event until the reset.

EvoPvP: This was where Jack made his first Minecraft faction videos, He was also one of the 3 owners for a long time, It contains many of the same gamemodes as SkyCade: OP factions, KitPvP, Prison, Creative, and Skyblock. However, unlike SkyCade, EvoPvP is a pay2win (one of the reasons Jack is no longer an owner). He left the server for a number of reasons (Disagreements with the other owners, the highly toxic community). The server is currently shut down and likely will continue to be in the future.


  • Betsy, a friendly Mooshroom companion of his. She is sometimes showed as a baby, and sometimes as an adult. She used to follow him everywhere in his factions series, but she was soon replaced by Laddy Paddy.
  • Laddy Paddy or Patrick, a villager that shows up quite a lot in both Jack and Joe's factions series. He usually finds raids for the boys and comes on voyages with them. In one episode, he goes on vacation and sends them raids in the form of postcards. They asked for fan interaction by having them draw the previously mentioned postcards and featured them in videos.
  • Darth Vader, his brave canine companion, who he names obviously after an antagonist from Star Wars. Joe's dog being named 'Lord Voldemort', they made it a rule to have all dogs named after supervillains. The first appearances of the dogs were in Survival Games, but after a while, they started showing up in their faction series.
  • There's Augustus, Jack's bear roommate. We can not forget Cleopatra, his other bear roommate. Fans seem to enjoy the content produced by Augustus, as he just growls and makes bear noises. He lives in Jack's flat, located in Newcastle, and Jack goes and buys him fresh fish for lunch every day. He did appear in most of Jack's Q&A's and has even made his own 'Augustus Sucks At Minecraft ' video. 
  • Becky, Jack's current girlfriend. She sometimes appears in Jack's videos such as Jack's 'Minecraft with my Girlfriend' series (SkyCade SMP with Becky) and Jack's most popular Becky video, MY GIRLFRIEND DECIDES HOW LONG TO BAN MINECRAFT HACKERS.
  • Flossy, Jack's current dog. Flossy's fur/hair is like a gold / brown-like color. His main appearance is in Jack's video, MY DOG CHOOSES HOW LONG TO BAN MINECRAFT HACKERS.


Jack is pretty active on his YouTube channel, uploading multiple times a week, with no schedule. Although not all of them do, most of his videos have face cams, where you can see his amazing reactions as he plays the game and diddles hacking scum!

Jack's Series (Main) :

Minecraft SkyBlock [4 Episodes]

Minecraft Harmony Hollow Modded SMP Season [63 Episodes]

Minecraft Hacker Catching & Trolling [120+ Episodes]

Minecraft Funny Server Bans [8 Episodes]

Trolling at It's Finest! [10 Episodes]

Minecraft Trolling AFK players [7 Episodes]

Modded Survival: Better Minecraft [12 Episodes]

When Jack And Becky Saved Christmas [3 Episodes]

Minecraft Factions Server [20 Episodes]

Castaway Minecraft [12 Episodes]

Minecraft Hacking - Hack vs Jack [4 Episodes]

Minecraft Trolling & Social Experiments [49 Episodes]

Minecraft GTA [2 Episodes]

Minecraft Hunger Games [40 Episodes]

IRL Videos [31 Episodes]

OP Prisons [12 Episodes]

Modded Survival: Kill The Kraken [11 Episodes]

Gaming Set-Up

Jack's computer is a custom-built one, that he and Joe built together, in a video .

PC Specs: CPU: Intel I5 4690K

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980

Motherboard: MSI Z97-GD65 GAMING

Ram: HyperX FURY Series 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR3 1866 MHz

SSD: 128 GB Crucial 



Case: NZXT Phantom 820

He currently has two monitors, one being his original one from a while back. The microphone he uses is an Audio-Technica AT2020, along with the HyperX Cloud gaming headset. Jack uses Fraps to capture his gameplay and then edits his videos using Sony Vegas. Most of his thumbnails are created by ProlinesProduct. He uses a modified version of Faithful as his texture pack. (He cannot distribute it as he does not own the rights to the original version.) His intro was made by CyberCh1cken.


  • Tickle my pickle.
  • [Intense drinking of milk]
  • "Slit his throat."
  • [Intense voice cracking]
  • [Insert 'adjective name' alliteration]
  • "Hello, my name is Jack, and welcome to another Minecraft Mod Showcase!"
  • iPhone 5-6
  • Aye up lads!
  • You little scumbag!
  • [Sarcasm towards his fans after seeing a comment saying that Jack reads his comments if he pins this one] I don't read any of your comments, I hate every single one of you, kill yourselves!
  • Hello, my name is Jack and welcome to another episode of [starts stuttering like crazy] wha- w- sa- w- a- WHO'S THAT GUY!?
  • Seven months ago [starts singing to It's Everyday Bro] "you didn't know my name and now you want my fame."
  • "Hello and welcome to Episode (episode number) of Harmony Hollow"
  • "And that is some beautiful fan art" [pointing at the fan art]
  • "Buy the Wang suffix at"
  • Get diddled / You can't diddle a diddle boy!
  • [Bans Luuk]
  • "If there's no swastika, there's no kazoo."
  • Bloody Norah!
  • You naughty little nelly.
  • Get outta town!!!
  • It's like shootin' babies in a barrel!
  • [Becky banning a hacker] For soupin innit.
  • "Get my little ho away we go"
  • "JackSucksAtLife Poster available at" (May use different merchandise other than the poster).
  • "I've activated my bloody vampire rage!"
  • [Vommiting]