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Jaclyn Glenn (born March 25, 1988 (1988-03-25) [age 28]), her success on YouTube is with the channel "JaclynGlenn," where she discusses topics such as religion, atheism, animal rights, politics, and many other issues in a serious yet comical fashion. She is known for being an atheist and skeptic.


Jaclyn Glenn grew up as a Catholic, and a very devout one at that. She began to question the faith because of the way it treated divorce, specifically her mother, who was barred from receiving communion. Nevertheless, she stuck with it even until her first YouTube videos, where her opinions greatly differentiated from her current views. She is and has been a liberal even while still a Catholic. She became a vegetarian with the help of people at her school and Onision. Her first videos were mainly about why she adopted the vegetarian diet and reasons why others should as well. She made a video in 2012 where she told her fans that she was an agnostic, and although never making a video specifically about her shift from agnostic, it is obvious that she is now an atheist. She was in medical school to become a nurse, but never pursued it, and was married for a short time before getting divorced.

Plagiarism Controversy

Controversy erupted when it was discovered that Jaclyn Glenn plagiarized another user's video about Kim Davis by the name of Theoretical Bullshit, repeating almost verbatim the content and delivery of his video in one of her own.

Jaclyn has been found copy and pasting other people's words in her videos. She repeated paragraphs, word-for-word, by Facebook commenters on posts about issues she covered in her videos. Hidai Moya and Dorothy Freeman have been victims of such plagiarism.

After the controversy erupted, many famous YouTube Atheists like MrRepzion has refused to work with her further. And Atheists like Logicked and FriendlyAtheists has called her out on the allegation.

Rebecca Watson a.k.a. Skepchick on her website revealed that in addition to the above Jaclyn also plagiarized various tweets and YouTube comments numerous times and used them in her material .

In a recent set of revelations the YouTuber Devon Tracey a.k.a. Atheism is unstoppable with the aid of fellow YouTuber johnsaysthings unearthed what has been described as one of the most scandalous , appalling and disgraceful revelations that sent shockwaves throughout the YouTube community : Jaclyn Glenn had plagiarized renowned atheist Sam Harris word for word in one of her previous videos .

The Video in Question is the Atheist vs Muslim video presented here that Jaclyn Glenn plagiarized from the Sam Harris interview by Lawrence O Donnell on MSNBC .

There are many more instances of plagiarism by Jaclyn Glenn that have been detected . At the time of writing many more instances of plagiarism continue to surface .

This link below is a comprehensive compilation of all the documented instances of Plagiarism .

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