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James Mathew Pine (born July 5, 1995 (1995-07-05) [age 21]) better known by his stage name Jamie Pine or by his YouTube username xJamie1x is an English YouTube personality, filmmaker and gamer. He is best known for his videos on the channel Jamie Pine, which opened in September 2011. 

Jamie currently has three active YouTube accounts: Jamie Pine  as his main channel, Jamie Games  for gaming, and More Jamie  for daily vlogs. 

JamieEncore is Jamie's non-active account that used to be used for bloopers, extras, snap stories, and daily vlogs. 

The channel Jamie Pine is partnered with YouTube network Channel Flip, and Jamie Games is partnered with the YouTube network Fullscreen.

Personal life

Jamie Pine was born in Plymouth, England and is currently engaged to Mike Jerry (MikeJerry on YouTube). They used to live in an apartment in Plymouth, England.

My Coming Out Story

In November 2011 Jamie made a full length version of his coming out story (following his previous video "So Yeah.. I'm Gay", which accrued in excess of 100,000 views but is no longer available). Lasting over 30 minutes, in this video Jamie explains most of his life since he was in 7th grade, his time in boarding school and his battle with bullying. This is Jamie's sixth most viewed video on his main channel with over 150,000 views to-date. However, it is notable not for it's numbers, but for the sheer openness with his audience which is so characteristic of Jamie.

The Boyfriend Tag (Jamie & Mike)

After previously making two "Boyfriend Tag" style videos and swearing never to make a third, in June 2014 he published an updated version with boyfriend Mike Jerry. Reaching 20,000 views in just three days, the 'third installation' now exceeds 996,000 views and continues to grow.

Why We're Getting Evicted

On 7th August 2016, Jamie uploaded a video to his vlog channel (More Jamie) explaining why he and Mike were being evicted from their Plymouth home (at 5:40). He explains that there was a mix-up with some of his rent money, and they had to be out by 20th August. Post-eviction, they struggle for a while with money and a place to live, but everything is sorted out shortly. This video has 20,000 views (as of September 2016).


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