James Mathew Pine (born: July 5, 1995 (1995-07-05) [age 23] July 5, 1995), better known online as Jamie Pine, is a YouTube filmmaker, music producer, web designer, entrepreneur, gamer and CEO of a secret tech startup.

Youtube Career 

Jamie Pine has three main YouTube channels: Jamie Pine, Jamie Games and More Jamie. He also uses JamieEncore for bloopers, extras, etc. His first channel (Jamie Pine) opened in September 2011 and is partnered with the YouTube network Channel Flip, while Jamie Games is partnered with the YouTube network Fullscreen. Jamie gained popularity thanks to his video with Mike Jerry: "The Boyfriend Tag". His work, however, focuses on vlogs, gaming videos (especially minecraft) - which he often streams live on youtube or on his twitch account  -, comedy sketches and much more. He is also part of the Demonitized Podcast

Personal Life

Jamie Pine currently lives in Plymouth, England. He was previously engaged to Mike Jerry and is currently not in a relationship. Jamie and Mike took part in a "documentary" (Rich Kids Go Shopping), which aired on channel 4 in January 2016. 

Social Media



Snapchat: jamiepine