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Gaming AmericanIcon MaleIcon YouTuber

JammerProHD is a YouTuber who mainly vlogs about Nintendo topics and does other related content. He sometimes does gameplay videos.

Types of videos

Nintendo Vlogs

This is the main type of video on the channel, where Jammer vlogs about Nintendo-related topics.


In these videos, Jammer predicts what will happen in future Nintendo events, such as Nintendo Directs.


In these videos, Jammer discusses recent Nintendo news and events.

Mii Fighter QR Codes

In this video series, Jammer makes Miis for the official downloadable Mii Fighter costumes in Super Smash Bros 4. He also makes QR Codes for the Miis so that other people can use them.

Custom Mii Fighters

This is a series where Jammer creates unrepresented characters in Super Smash Bros 4 by combining in-game accesories. Just like the Mii Fighter QR Codes series, Jammer makes QR Codes for the Miis so that other people can use them.


These are videos where Jammer puts himself into a game and pretends to be one of the characters.

Custom Mii Fighter Versus

Custom Mii Fighter Versus is a spin-off of Custom Mii Fighter where Jammer makes two of his Custom Mii Fighters in Super Smash Bros 4 fight against each other.

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