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Jeffrey Chang, also known as JeffreyFever on YouTube, is a Canadian vlogger and online personality. He was on Canada's Got Talent season 1 as a semi-finalist, the Ellen Degeneres show and on Nickelodeon. He's also worked for big name companies such as Motorola, Dreamworks and AwesomenessTV.


JeffreyFever is from the city of Montreal, Canada. He has been ballroom dancing and competing worldwide until he started making YouTube videos in which he says gave him a physical voice. Jeffrey is also known for collaborating with big YouTube sensations such as Ryan Higa, Michelle Phan and more. He is a featured artist on Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber's App called SHOTS. Not only is he representative of a new generation of Asian Americans on YouTube & in Hollywood, he's also showing a new perspective for those trying to pursue their careers in this new digital era by going against the norms of his racial stereotypes.


  • Jeffrey's Dad is from Hong Kong
  • His Dad speaks English and Cantonese
  • His Mom is from Madagascar, Africa where it speaks French and Cantonese.
  • Jeffrey is born in 1994
  • He has a dog named Malibu
  • Jeffrey is trilingual. He speaks French, English and Cantonese.

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