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JelloApocalypse is an American YouTuber/Animator/Voice Actor who is the mastermind behind "Welcome to" series which has become very popular over the years as well as an abridged version of the anime Baccano! and a voice over of a few comic books requested by his viewers.

Jello frequently works alongside fellow voice actors/artists like pLasterbrain and Jaltoid, as well as frequent appearances from Jake "The Voice" Parr in his "Welcome to" series.


Jello lives currently in Chicago, Illinois. Other than his usual animations, abridged series, and voice acting, jello has also hosted a panel at Youmacon 2015 with his sister pLasterbrain. This panel is possibly the first time he has shown his face, but his real name is still unknown. Other than animation, he is well known for having a strong love/hate relationship with PewDiePie, and often calls him out in the "Welcome to" videos.

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