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Jenn McAllister
Profile: jennxpenn
Twitter: @jennxpenn
Facebook: N/A
Style: vlogging
Date Joined: January 15, 2009
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 950,000+*
Videos: 100+
Schedule: new main channel video every Saturday

"JennXPenn's Top 10s" every Thursday on AwesoomenessTV

"The Jenn and Andrea/Andrea and Jenn Show" every Monday on AwesomenessTV

Gaming channel videos on "JennXPennGames" every Tuesday and Thursday

Status: Active

Jenn McAllister (born July 9, 1996) known as jennxpenn on YouTube is a well known YouTuber that has made vlogs, sketches, and music videos since January 2009. Jenn is an only-child. She is originally from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania, but in July 2013, she moved out to Los Angeles, California. Jenn currently has three YouTube channels, her main channel, "jennxpenn", her vlog channel, "jenn", and her gaming channel, "jennxpenngames." 

YouTube History A question Jenn gets asked a lot is "How did you come up with your username?" She responded in an "Ask Jenn", "Well, Jenn is obviously my name", and then goes on to explain the "Penn" part. The story goes that she received the nickname around 5th- 6th grade from her friend. She says that when she went to create her YouTube channel, the username "JennPenn" was taken, so she simply added an "X" in between "Jenn" and "Penn", making "JennXPenn".

One way Jenn gained many subscribers early on in her YouTube career is when she joined the collab group MyCollab in late 2009. MyCollab was started by then popular YouTuber SuperMac18. Other members included OhItsDalton, MutantBoyfriend (Jonah Green), TCProductionsX (Tyler, now TylerCX), and ImDavidDalen. MyCollab ended after Mac bullied some of the other members, including Jenn.

In December 2011, Jenn did a series of daily vlogs known as the "12 Days of Vlogs". On her vlog channel, "jenn", she would post vlogs everyday for the 12 days leading up to and including Christmas Day. It was well received among Jenn's fanbase, so Jenn attempted it again in 2012. Unfortunately, three days in, Jenn got sick with mono. She had originally planned to make up the days, but since it would be several days before Jenn would recover, it would, according to Jenn, "[defeat] the whole point of '12 Days of Vlogs'." In the same tweet, she made it clear to her followers that "this is not just some stupid excuse because [she's] lazy... [she] just wants [the vlogs] to be the best that they can be, and they won't be if [she's] sick." The vlogs she did make are still on her vlog channel. They're called "Getting A Christmas Tree", and "Questions & Omegle". In 2013, Jenn did the 12 Days Of Vlogs again, indicating that this will likely be an annual thing.

In September 2012, Jenn was hacked, having all her channels deleted. Fortunately, she managed to reopen her accounts.

Jenn stranger danger
JayyCAdded by JayyC

Jenn has repurposed her second channel, formerly "jennxpenn2", into a gaming channel, "jennxpenngames", which already has over 70,000 subscribers. Her first video on this channel was called "Minecraft Hunger Games (Episode 1)", and it was uploaded on July 17, 2013.

In July 2013, Jenn moved to Los Angeles, California. She had planned to only stay for the summer. Since moving to California, her vlog channel, "jenn", has been more active. Previously, Jenn only uploaded videos to that channel from trips she went on as well as the annual "12 Days Of Vlogs" series. She is staying in an apartment with fellow YouTuber Andrea Russett. (YouTube Name: gettoxfabxforever) In September, Jenn announced that she would be staying in LA and doing online school for her senior year. Before this statement, many had believed Jenn had dropped out of high school.

Collaborations with other channels

AwesomenessTV (June 2012-present)

In June 2012, Jenn started working with a YouTube channel called "AwesomenessTV". She initially uploaded two videos for the channel, a sketch where she goes camping in her backyard (on the AwesomenessTV channel), and a video about her summer bucket list for 2012 (on her main channel, JennXPenn). This is when Jenn started flying out to California a lot, and she started to collab with many big YouTubers.  In addition to the random videos she does for the channel, she is on two web series. In August 2013, she became the host of a new show called "JennXPenn's Top 10s", a show where she says the top 10 of a single topic. ("Top 10 Pet Peeves", "Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2013, etc.) On January 20th, 2014, the "Jenn and Andrea/Andrea and Jenn Show" premiered on AwesomenessTV's channel. The show follows the lives of Jenn and her friend/roommate Andrea Russett (gettoxfabxforever) as they adjust to life in Los Angeles and being roommates. As of now, Jenn is currently partnered with the AwesomenessTV network. (April-July 2013)

Throughout the spring and early summer of 2013, Jenn worked with on YouTube doing a public prank video series called "Stranger Danger". She worked alongside Joey Graceffa and Strawburry17 (Meghan). On more than one occasion, she was kicked out of the store she was in, not only for filming, but for also doing whatever she was doing in the episode. On one of her YouNow live broadcasts, she stated that has "gone down the toilet" since she, Kian Lawley, and others had left the channel.

Connect With Jenn!

Twitter: @jennxpenn


Instagram: @jennxpenn


Flickr: jennxpenn

Vine: Jenn McAllister

Minecraft: jennmca

Jenn has publicly stated on Twitter that she does not have a Kik or Any and all accounts on these websites with the name "jennxpenn" or anything similar on these sites are fake accounts.

"I don't have a kik, that's not me."

"Just saying- I don't have an askfm or whatever... there are a lot of people pretending to be me, don't believe any of them!"


How Jenn makes videos and takes pictures!

Camera: Until early 2011: Sony HDR-XR100, in addition to her Mac's webcam. Early 2011- present: Canon EOS 60D. Some of her older photos on her Flickr page were shot on a Canon Rebel T3i.

Vlog Camera: Earlier vlogs: Flip Ultra HD. Until December 2013: Canon ELPH 330 HS PowerShot. Jenn retired this camera in the last vlog of the 2013 12 Days Of Vlogs. It is unknown what model the replacement camera will be, but it will likely be another Canon PowerShot.

Phone: Until fall 2011: Apple iPhone 3G. Until October 2013: Apple iPhone 4S. October 2013- present: Apple iPhone 5S. Jenn does not vlog with her iPhone, saying that her Canon PowerShot is just as portable and has better video quality. Jenn mainly uses this to post pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

Video Editing Software: Early videos: iMovie and Final Cut Express. More recent videos: Final Cut Pro X.

Computers: Apple iMac, Apple MacBook Pro (specifically, a non unibody (early 2006- late 2008) model until fall 2013, and a late 2013 Retina model currently.) Jenn mainly uses her iMac for video editing, only editing videos on her MacBook when she is on a trip. All of her vlogs from VidCon, Playlist Live, the DigiTour and any other event where she had to be away from her iMac were likely edited on her MacBook.

In conclusion, she is an experienced youtuber and puts great work into her amazing videos:)

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