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Jenna Arend (born February 23, 2000 (2000-02-23) [age 17]) known by her YouTube stage name as Cupcake Cutie170, is a YouTube actress, blogger, comedienne, singer & internet personality. Jenna is known from all girl YouTube channel SevenSuperGirls, where she makes videos every Thursday.


SevenSuperGirls (June 2011-present)

Jenna has been on SevenSuperGirls since June 30, 2011 and she was eleven years old at the time. Her family members help direct her YouTube videos, and she uploads videos every Thursday for SevenSuperGirls theme every week, like if its blogging, comedy, acting, pretending, fashion and many more. 

Personal Life

Jenna and her family live in Covina, California where her family helps her with her YouTube videos for SevenSuperGirls every Thursday around 12:00 Eastern/9:00 Pacfic.

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