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Jesse Garfield (born on March 6, 1987 (1987-03-06) [age 31]) along with his brother, Michael "Mike" Garfield (born on January 28, 1981 (1981-01-28) [age 37]), are the creators of the comedy skit YouTube channel, JesseAndMike. They have been active on YouTube ever since 2007 and continue to upload skits. They are best known for their snake, spider, and insect skits, where a plastic snake, spider, or insect will walk around as if it were real and do crazy things. 


They both enjoy creating skits, their most notable skits being about giant creatures, bugs in food, pain, and snakes in strange situations. Their first video titled "Halloween" was uploaded on May 22, 2007. Their most popular video to date is "SNAKE IN MOUTH!", which was uploaded on April 16, 2016.

Before Fame/Early Career

One day in 2007, Jesse and Mike were taking a walk outside when the walk sparked an idea between the two. An idea that put forth the decision to put pen to paper. The result, a script for a short film that they would film and star in. After having their film featured in a film festival, Jesse and Mike wanted to continue making comedy, so they began making their comedy skits where they are placed in the most ridiculous situations that two brothers could ever find themselves in.