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You're not stupid, okay? You're not stupid. Don't ever tell yourself that you are. You're important. What you have in your head may not mean a lot to a lot of people, but it's what makes you special. You're important. You mean something. And you're going to go out there and you're going to do some wonderful things. But first and foremost, you're not stupid, you're not an idiot. Don't ever tell yourself that you are. And if nobody else tells you this, I will tell you this... I care about you.

―Justin Carmical

Justin Carmical (April 11, 1971 - January 23, 2014 [aged 42]), known on YouTube as JewWario, was a YouTuber who uploaded gaming videos.

On February 15th, 2013, Jew Wario announced via his tumblr that he was moving on from TGWTG, but he still planned to continue You Can Play This and work on the FamiKamen Rider project.


Justin committed suicide on January 23, 2014 via a self inflicted gunshot wound to the face, due to depression.


  • JewWario Contests (Yes... THREE of them!) (4/16/10)
  • JewWario Can Play This: By SadPanda (4/27/10)
  • Mario Monologues: DK (May 26th, 2010)
  • JewWario at E3! - Greg Hastings Paintball 2 (June 17th, 2010)
  • JewWario at E3! - Super Scribblenauts (June 22nd, 2010)
  • Mario Monologues: Mario Bros (June 29th, 2010)
  • Dragon Quest IX: New Map Get (August 7th, 2010)
  • Mario Monologues – Super Mario Bros. (August 20th, 2010)
  • A thanks to fans (August 26th, 2010)
  • Ludus Review – Ivy The Kiwi? - DS/Wii (September 2nd, 2010)
  • Yanki J Plays – Hammerin' Hero (September 9th, 2010)
  • Nan Desu Kan Denver 2010 (September 14th, 2010)
  • Mario Monologues – Super Mario Bros. 2 & 3 (October 5th, 2010)
  • J-Dub In The Dark – Fatal Frame (October 19th, 2010)
  • Fatal Frame II – Crimson Butterfly (October 26th, 2010)
  • J-Dub in the Dark: CALLING (November 4th, 2010)
  • J-Dub in the Dark: Fatal Frame – Part 2 (November 16th, 2010)
  • J-Dub In The Dark: Fatal Frame – Part 3 (November 23rd, 2010)
  • JewWario uDraw Tablet Review (November 25th, 2010)
  • Two Year Anniversary (December 16th, 2010)
  • MAGFest 9 in 5 Sec Part 1 (January 17th, 2011)
  • Sean Fausz vs JewWario 'Tatsunoko vs Capcom' Round 3 (January 18th, 2011)
  • MAGFest 9 in 5 Sec part 2 (January 20th, 2011)
  • Fanime and E3 Announcement (May 24th, 2011)
  • Fanime 2011: Special Convention-Only YCPT! Episode (June 2nd, 2011)
  • E3 – Nintendo Conference Thoughts (June 9th, 2011)
  • E3 – Hyperkin Interview (June 15th, 2011)
  • E3 – Final Fantasy XIII-2 (June 16th, 2011)
  • E3 – Exclusive XSEED Interview (June 28th, 2011)
  • J-Dub In The Dark: Fatal Frame – Part 4 (October 26th, 2011)
  • J-Dub Tries Poutine (March 5th, 2012)
  • JW at E3 – Microsoft Conference Impressions (June 5th, 2012)
  • J-Dub's Wii U Unboxing (November 22nd, 2012)
  • I LIKE CANDY! MAGFest Finnish Candy (February 3rd, 2013)

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