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Jeydon Kyle Ingham (born October 2, 1991 (1991-10-02) [age 26]), also known as Jeydon Wale, is a Canadian YouTube Vlogger.


Jeydon was inspired at a young age by Eminem and Michael Jackson. His favorite band is The Story So Far, and his current 2015 girlfriend is Sammantha Rochelle.

Jeydon "Wale" of course loves his futhermuckers more than you will ever love anything else. 

Jeydon Wale started his YouTube channel on November 12, 2007 out of boredom. Jeydon wale also stated he joined YouTube to escape bullying and depression.

He was first diagnosed with severe Depression at age 11. He has even thought of suicide, which he did try to put to action twice, but failed, because in the end A) his mother caught him THANKFULLY, or B) his notification alarm went off, an  it was a fan, a futhermucker, saying how much he's helped her with everything. 

Jeydon got a tattoo that says 11.12.07, which was the time he joined YouTube, and the time his futhermuckers helped him, and he helped them.

Jeydon is currently 26 years old.