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{{YouTuber | image = JillianTubeHD2.jpg | username = JillianTubeHD | other media = Google+ Instagram | style = Vlogging Reviews (Toys)

Gaming | join date = March 11, 2013 |Twitter = EvanTubeHD|Facebook = EvanTubeHD|Facebook name = EvanTubeHD|status = Active| vids = 52+

JillianTubeHD is EvanTubeHD's sister, and Jillian has her own YouTube channel. Jillian mostly shows up in Evan's videos in EvanTubeHD. Jillian is also a toy reviewer. Jillian is also about as close to reaching 400,000 subscribers.

Channel History

  • Jillian's first video was a flashback of when she was a baby of learning to walk.
  • On February 28, 2016, Jillian reached 100,000+ subscribers and made a video of her reaching 100,000+ subscribers with Jillian watching the live subscriber count on SocialBlade.

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