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James Hill (born August 9, 1989 (1989-08-09) [age 27]), known as jimmy0010, is an English video blogger/content creator on YouTube. He uploaded his first YouTube video, which he deleted/privated from his channel, in 2006. But, in a video that he posted in October 2013, he showed part of his first YouTube video, and his first video he ever made.

His exact date of birth is not 100% known, but in his "TMI Tag" video he uploaded in October 2013, he said that he was 24 and was a Leo. So he was born between July 23, 1989 and August 22, 1989.

He and fellow YouTuber, Charlie McDonnell own the YouTube channel, CerealTime which has featured other YouTubers and their friends such as Chris Kendall, Dodie Clark, Bry, and Hazel Hayes.

In his video titled, "On being gay," he officially came out as gay after watching Shane Dawson's coming out video.

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