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John Wolfe (born October 28, 1988), formerly known as HarshlyCritical, is a YouTube Gamer who specializes in horror and adventure games. Unlike most Let's Players of this genre, John tends to give clear, decently thought-out commentary about the aspects of the game.  John is known for his choice of games, which range from low-budget Indie titles to professional games. His fans are called "Critical Viewers", but more recently as "Guys". Many of his more popular videos are Indie horror games. John prefers spoons to forks, it seems.


John generally has a friendly and enjoyable personality, but he is also very witty, sarcastic and a very calm person. When gaming with other YouTubers such as MrKravin, ManlyBadassHero, or KatFTWynn, he generally spends his time either trying to sabotage his friends or just murdering them. In his co-op videos he is a little more open and isn't so serious as in his main videos. He also has a co-op channel with MrKravin called Dangerous To Go Alone where they play co-op games such as Resident Evil 5 and 6, Fear 3, Dead Space 3, etc. With this channel, they donate all of their ad revenue to charity and throw streaming events every year to raise funds for Extra-Life.

In his channel, he replies and comments to his fans messages and discusses openly with them. He really appreciates his fans. He is strict with trolls and keeps them away through sarcastic and snarky replies.

John has a girlfriend named Kimmy. John likes metal music, with Artificial Construct being his most common Outro music.


Name Link
Alien: Isolation Link
Silent Hill 4 Link
The Cat Lady Link
Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition Link
Outlast Link
One-Shots Link
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream Link
The Last Of Us Link
Silent Hill Link
Mermaid Swamp Link
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Link
The Charnel House Trilogy Link
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Link
The Walking Dead Link
Darkseed Link
King's Quest VI Enhanced Link
Collabs Link
Life Is Strange Link
DreadOut Link
Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Link
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Link

His Let's Play videos include instances of

Actually Pretty Funny: In Silence Of The Sleep, John is annoyed to find brush script text in the game, then he reads what it says: "Heart is where the food is". It made him laugh and say this trope almost word by word.

Angrish: Happens on occasion. Most notably in a Cry of Fear episode when he forgets to save and dies from a single gunshot, forcing him back to an old checkpoint. Heavy frustration ensues.

Berserk Button: Harsh's alter ego Justine tends to get "angsty" whenever John forgets a tinderbox in the Amnesia custom stories.

Catchphrase: "Think critically."

Deadpan Snarker: HarshlyCritical tends to get critical over viewers who excessively criticize his gaming skill. He satirized these "hypercritical viewers" in this memorable video. He also made fun of fans of Five Nights At Freddy's.

Heterosexual Life-Partners: He played Kingdom Hearts with one of his close friends. The video was a temporary departure from the horror genre.

Man of a Thousand Voices: John is capable of voicing Justine in a convincing female voice. Some of his RPG Maker playthroughs have him voice each character in a different tone of voice.

Rage Quit: Averted. Harsh, for the most part, sticks to finishing what he starts. The Afraid Of Monsters playthrough was delayed because of frustration but was picked up soon after. Although a few games, such as the Monstrum scenarios, were not truly finished.

Verbal Tic: When anticipating a Jump Scare, he tells the environment to "Shut it..."

Vitriolic Best Buds: Him and Mr. Kravin have collaborated numerous times on some videos. If you keep track of John's social media accounts, you'll see their occasional friendly insults and inside jokes.

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties: In the Call of Cthulhu walkthrough, the game glitched so that an important event required to progress didn't activate. Harsh eventually had to download a save file online to fix the issue. Also, the audio in the second-to-last episode of the Condemned playthrough was missing. John has still not fixed that issue. A couple episodes of F.E.A.R. had the audio missing as well. He managed to get to night 5 of Five Nights at Freddy's but the footage was unusable because his mic was off the whole time. In Among the Sleep, when John pulled the box away near the end of the game, the unrealistically long shelf should have fired forward to progress. However, the event glitched and the save was reloaded to continue the playthrough. He managed to get to Night 5 in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 but he accidentally started a new game.

Ezekiel 24:10: While playing Outlast II, John is being chased by an enemy and frantically trying to hide, during the chase and while John is hiding the enemy can be heard repeating the phrase "consume the flesh, spice it well" John is forever amused by this and would randomly say it throughout other parts of the walk through for the rest of the game, leading to comments on every Outlast II video on his channel containing the phrase "consume the flesh, spice it well" which is now an Outlast II meme. Once the game is over John puts on his last video "Ezekiel 24:10" in the bible, it states for you to consume the flesh, spice it well.

Vicious Rivalry: Many times at the start of his more recent videos there have been appearances of John's alter ego "Its Guys". "Its Guys" usually clashes with john before disappearing once the intro of the video has completed. "Its Guys" was created by John to generalize his commenters. "Its Guys" Makes his first appearance in John's Sally Face Episode 2 [1] and Digimon Ruby [2] videos.