Johnairlines8 was a channel dedicated to uploading LEGO animations, set reviews, city tours, and everything in between. He began in February 2009 (although after his password was immediately lost, he did not return until September of that year) and ceased operations on the channel a week after an announcement video that he was switching channels. Since beginning, his channel has racked up 2M+ views for all of his videos combined.

His most popular video is a reupload of an animation produced by The LEGO Group and currently has over 670K views on the video alone. Close behind is a video regarding a well-anticipated LEGO set and currently has 427K+ views.

Meanwhile, his third most popular and the video he is most proud of, Lego: Tornado Warning, a short animated film he produced following a real life event he went through in March 2012. He originally planned a second part, unaware how popular the video was going to become, but cancelled it due to life reasons.

After that, he proceeded to make other small LEGO animations, and even one that he entered in an animation contest by another user by the name of TopLegoZone and won 1st place.

In 2011 he planned a LEGO animation series centered around characters based around himself and his closest friends and their adventures in and around the fictional LEGO world but later cancelled it before the third movie could be released. It wasn't long later before he announced his resignation from the channel and moved on to a newer one, quoting 'I want a fresh start. New channel, new videos, new everything.'

To date, he still uses his new channel, known as PegiGuardStudios. He has regrets of leaving behind his old channel, but is fairly happy with still having a fresh start. On his new channel, he announced some day he will get back into LEGO animating and will 'return with a big bang, hopefully.'