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Jordy Schaap ​is a Dutch Youtube channel owned by Dutch politician Jordy Schaap. The picture he uses for his channel is of former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson behind a pc-desk. So he doesn't use his own face or a logo.

He is worldwide mostly famous for uploading the Mr. Snortobeat videoclip. The song was made by STBlackST and Jordy Schaap made a videoclip about it. He also uploaded a other Team Fortress 2 video featuring the character The Spy and the John Cena meme.

In The Netherlands he is most known for his videos with Dutch documentaires about Space, Aviation and countries. He mostly upload about politics and uploads news items, interviews and contributions from politicans. He announced to stop with this after the Dutch General Elections of 2017 and then go back to his old content and Team Fortress 2. But instead on september 25, 2017 he uploaded the vlog: Meet neighbour John. According to the discreption a new show in wich he stars as neighbour John. Youtube's self proclaimed online, nagging neighbour.