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JoshFindsDiamond is a Gaming YouTuber who bases his channel on Minecraft and Minecraft: Pocket Edition videos


Skyblock Warriors

Once a week on Thursdays a SkyWars (Or SkyBlock Warriors) Episode is uploaded to YouTube. In this series he records a minigame where you are spawned on an island near other islands with players on them too, the last one still on an island wins.

The series is currently only PC and recorded on the LockedCraft Network. But Josh has made clear that he is planning to move the series to Pocket Edition.

PocketCrafted Podcast On Saturdays Josh Uploads an episode of one of his well known podcasts, the PocketCrafted Podcast.

On this Pocket Edition based show, he interviews people in the MC:PE (Minecraft: Pocket Edition) Community. He also tells you all the info released during the week about the Pocket Edition and more.

The series was originally called "Minecraft Pocket Edition: What We Know" but the name was changed because Quote JoshFindsDiamond "It wasn't original enough"