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joshscorcher, (born July 6, 1992) also known as Fiery Joker, is a YouTuber who makes Let's Plays, My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic Reviews, (because he is a Brony), Fiery Joker Rants, Countdowns, as well as a variety of other, random, unscripted content.  


  1. Online Matches
  2. Intro Requests
  3. Machinima
  4. Random Stuff
  5. Let's Play Gauntles Dark Legacy
  6. Soul Calibur IV Creations
  7. Fiery Joker Unscripted
  8. Awesome Video Game Intros
  9. Let's Play Dragons Age Origins
  10. Season 1 Countdowns
  11. Season 2 Countdowns
  12. Fiery Joker Rants
  13. My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic Reviews
  14. Organ Arrangements
  15. Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2:  Final Mix
  16. Let's Play Five Nights at Freddies
  17. Let's Play Five Nights at Freddies 2
  18. Let's Play Five Nights at Freddies 3
  19. Let's Play Five Nights at Freddiers 4
  20. Let's Play Tony Hawk:  Underground

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