Never Have I Ever feat

Never Have I Ever feat. Castiel & Ciel JoshuaDaniel


JoshuaDaniel in 2015, also his current YouTube Profile picture

JoshuaDaniel joined YouTube on January 19, 2012. When he made his first channel "JoshuaOMS " When he was in eighth grade. He accumulated over 600,000 views on this channel. Before leaving the YouTube creator world for 3 years. JoshuaDaniel then joined YouTube again under the channel name "JoshuaDaniel " on March 20, 2015. Although he did not upload his first video until August 3, 2015. Over a year ago.

YouTube Career

His main channel "JoshuaDaniel" has 700+ subscribers as of October 2, 2016. He mainly uploads vlogs, and videos about himself. Even though he has limited resources he still aims to make his videos look as professional as possible, which he does a pretty good job of, if I do say so myself.


JoshuaDaniel graduates from West Orange High School in Winter Garden, FL on May 30, 2017. He has mentioned plans of moving to San Francisco, CA in August 2017, to start getting his YouTube Career officially on the road!

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