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Jubyphonic (real name Juliet Simmons), is a singing YouTuber, or youtaite, specializing in singing Vocaloid songs. She revealed her true face when she made a video promoting her patreon, and it was also shown on a small valentine in her 3 hour, 10 minute, and 46 second "Lovestream," a Google hangout livestream she and her friends made on Valentines day. This group is called "The Unholy Quartet" and it consists of Juby, her friends Rachie, Anthong, and Chishio, all four specializing in Vocaloid music.She gets constatly paired, or "shipped" with Rachie, and the ship is called "Rachiephonic." They read a bunch of Rachiephonic fanfictions in their lovestream, and they did a cover of Magnet, they called it the "Trash Version" due to it being a parody of the song. The song talks about how much they don't want to be shipped together, despite the actual song talking about a ship. Now, Rachiephonic is just a joke to them. In the descriptions of her covers, her friendly personality and humor shows, such as in her description of Game Of Life how she says that "God has a gambling addiction and this world is Vegas" and in the same description, she said that her inspiration to cover the song was another cover of the song by Nyami, and she said to "Throw your views" at the video. Throw them. and in her description of Outer Science, she says, "Kuroha. He puts a smile on your face and a gun to your head....what a guy." and she says that Shidu, the maker of the Animation for he song has to stop being so good...but don't stop. Her humor is also seen in her late night cover of Six Trillion Years and an Overnight Story, where the caption say how much she sees her teeth. And for more humor evidence, in her cover of Childish War, Ft. Rachie, she said that Rachie started it.


Juby's real appearance is pale skin and medium length darkish brown hair with blue eyes and somewhat large front teeth. Juby usually wears heavy-winged eyeliner. Her appearance online, however, changes drasticaly. she is shown wearing jeans and a yellow hoodie with bunny ears, sporting pink hair with and pink/red eyes. she usually has a red youtube-themed bunny at her side. Both the hoodie and the bunny indicates her love for bunnies.