Julien Solomita (born April 17, 1992 (1992-04-17) [age 25]) also known as The Fighting Solo is an American Vlogging YouTuber currently living in Los Angeles. Height: 5'11

Personal Life

He is in a relationship with the queen of trollery, Jenna Marbles. Just like his girlfriend, he owns an Italian greyhound named Peach. Jenna & Julien recently adopted a hamster named #ad Julien is now co-owner of a company called Waffsicle, and they have a series called "Last Minute Trips" on Waffsicle's YouTube. He is also a creator of several Free Radical pins. In Julien's vlogs he is documenting his life, spending time with Jenna, his friends, his dogs, and now #ad He also includes several amazing creative shots and timelapses throughout his vlog. Julien currently uploads three days out of the week, as his new projects are keeping him busy. He also still podcasts with Jenna once a week, and occasionally games on their Twitch channel.

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