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David Frederickson (Davey), better known as Just A Boy is a countdown YouTuber known for his catchphrase "Hey You." His videos consist of random facts, history, comedy and fearsome related things, his videos can be educational yet funny.


Just A Boy's style of videos is a combination of showing his own face on camera and showing clips and/or images of the subject he's discussing. His usual backgrounds are a book shelf or a room with pictures on the wall. He often uses his bookshelf as a backdrop as a display for his "Game of Thrones" books, a series of which he is a huge fan.

The majority of his videos are done in a listing format, but the size of the list is extremely variable. Although most are lists of five or ten, he will do lists of any number to include all of the articles he feels should be included in the list.

In addition to list videos, Just A Boy will often do a video addressing a singular topic such as "Why is the sky blue" or why "Swearing is Good for You."

He makes a strong point of trying to keep up positive interaction for his subscribers. He has often stated that the most enjoyable thing about his videos is being able to interact with his subscribers on the comment section of his videos.

Video Types

  1. Scariest
  2. Dumbest
  3. Funnest
  4. Craziest
  5. What is...
  6. Why is...
  7. Strangest