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KHFMcAwesome is a YouTuber from the UK who makes videos mainly on anime.  The main show of his channel is called First Reaction, where plays a character called KHF who watches the first episode of any random anime series and does a first reaction video on it; he'll then finish watching it and do a final thoughts video on it.  He's stated numerous times that, due to him playing a character, the opinions he expresses as KHF are often times different than his own personal opinions, (although not always), and KHF's opinions are always over dramatic, weather the opinions are positive or negative.  


KHF is a title which means Kingdom Hearts Fan.  He is a male YouTuber from the UK, who created his original channel, UltimateUKFFan, back in 2009.  Back in those days he was involved in a lot of YouTube drama, such as hating on popular YouTubers he didn't like, as well as defending the popular anime and manga series Naruto till his last breath.  His account was suspended because of copyright in 2011, and that's when he created his new channel, KHFMcAwesome.  He has sense matured and now prefers to stay away from drama if at all possible, preferring to just continue making his videos and interacting with his modest fanbase whenever he can.  


First Reaction/Final Thoughts

  1. Fate/stay night
  2. Love Hina
  3. Ah! My Goddess
  4. Excell Saga
  5. Slayers
  6. Rosario + Vampire
  7. Madoka Magica
  8. Heaven's Lost Property
  9. Higurashi
  10. A Certain Magical Index

Dragonball Retrospective

  1. Pilaf Saga
  2. World Tournament Saga
  3. Red Ribon Army Saga
  4. Fourtune Teller Baba Saga

Top 10 Lists

  1. Top 10 Silent But Deadly Anime Characters
  2. Top 10 Most Annoying Little Sister Anime Characters
  3. Top 10 Lovable Scumbags
  4. Top 10 Street Fighter Characters
  5. Top 10 Anime Lemons

Causal Anime Talk

  1. Kanon
  2. Azumanga Daioh
  3. Favourite Anime Couples
  4. Excel Saga

30 Day Anime Challenge

KHF VS Nuzlocke Challenge

Japan Trip

Anime Jack & Manga Joe