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Profile: KSIOlajidebt
Twitter: @KSIOlajidebt
Facebook: KSIOlajideBT
Other Media: Instagram
Style: Gaming, Sketch, Comedy
Date Joined: July 24, 2009
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 7 Million+*
Videos: 550+
Schedule: Every Week
Status: Active
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Olajide Olatunji (born June 19, 1993), better known as "KSIOlajideBT" or "KSI" for short, is a British YouTuber mainly known for FIFA gameplay and comedic sketches with his brother Deji and his father. KSI lives in London, initially with his brother, mother and father, but has since moved to a house shared with various members of a group called the Ultimate Sidemen, of which he is a part of. He was born in Nigeria and moved to England when he was 18. KSI has also uploaded videos of horror titles onto his other channel along featuring his brother Deji. KSI can be considered partly responsible for the start of Deji's YouTube channel 'ComedyShortsGamer' as they share a sibling rivalry and appear in each others videos. KSI's overconfident personality means he sticks out in the FIFA YouTube community and the humour in his videos often show the FIFA community's frustrations at EA and the FIFA games themselves.

FIFA 13: Pro Clubs (Moylestors)

FIFA 13: Pro Clubs started on February 13th 2013. The series features KSI and fellow YouTubers Calfreezy, Nepenthez, AA9skillz and MiniMinter playing together on a team as they try and get to Division One in the multiplayer season (Pro Clubs) mode in FIFA 13.

FIFA: Top 5 Goals of the Week



FIFA: Top 5 Goals of the Week started on May 16th, 2011. The series features user-submitted goals in FIFA, which are sent via e-mail. This series features 5 goals that KSI has chosen personally. Most episodes feature the self-created meme, Heskey Time! and are uploaded mostly every week. Some users have made more than one appearance on the show, and more than one appearance on the same show.


  • XBOX 360
  • Sony Vegas
  • FIFA 12/13/14
  • Dildo
  • XBOX Live
  • Elgato Gaming Capture
  • PSN

Other channels

KSIOlajidebt has two channels. His main channel is called KSIOlajidebt and his other channel is called KSIOlajidebtHD.

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