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Ka6Scope is a Gaming YouTuber who's known for multiple playthroughs of Pokemon, Megaman, Yu-gi-oh and more. The channel was created on Janurary 12th of 2009 and uploaded "Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver UnBoxing!" on September 18 of that same year. His first lets play on his channel was a playthrough of the Japanese version of Pokémon Soul Silver. By 2010, his channel reached 2,000 subscribers and celebrated with a stream of Pokémon Yellow. Then by 2012 the channel reached 9,000 subscribers and its 1,000th upload, this was celebrated by a live stream of Pokémon Gold and doing an "underdog run". His last milestone stream dated was in early 2014 for reaching 18,000 subscribers, and streamed Megaman Legends. By the fall of 2015, Ka6Scope reached over 40,000 subscribers. Recently as of May, 2015 Ka6Scope fans have seen lots of inactivity from his YouTube channel, with only a few streams on his Twitch account, Ka6ScopeLive. Making a return in Janurary 17th of 2016, Ka6Scope uploaded a video after being inactive for 10 months named "Bomberman Hero - Part 9: The Scope Awakens". While talking his hiatus on Twitter explaining his inactivity.