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Kaftann is a Polish Gaming YouTuber known for his gaming videos.


He started off in July 2012, at age of 22, with his "Let's Play Gothic" series. Since then he's been gaining on popularity as a funny, sometimes serious, voice-acting individual. The very first his channel gained many viewers was when he was recommended by another Polish YouTuber - ROJOV13, who's known among the YouTuber viewers. Lately he's been given a lot of support from other big Polish YouTubers such as MagdalenaMariaMonika, MrSetoKami or Soushibo.

His "kind of thing" as he names it, meaning Let's Plays are very different than any you may find on YouTube. Not only he focuses on the game, make awesome and unforgettable intros, but he also plays the characters.

As for co-operation Kaftann is very often making videos with his close friends Daston, Wumisiak and Ivy and his fellow YouTubers such as Mary (Veritas0903) or many others.

Let's Play Limbo 5 KONIEC - Żegnaj dziecinko

Let's Play Limbo 5 KONIEC - Żegnaj dziecinko

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