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JC Ndoci and Brayden Verboort, known on YouTube as Kahnovii, are two Australian YouTubers who upload a variety of content, from challenges to short films and much more. Kahnovii has a few ongoing series, including The Teddioos, The Teddioos Animated and Kahnovii Plays as well as occasional vlogs on their second YouTube channel, KahnoviiEXTRA. The Teddioos is a comedy series suitable for all ages. The series is a satirical deception of middle class reality epitomized by a group of Teddy bears, on the other hand The Teddioos Animated is a more explicit edition of The Teddioos, in animated form. In the Kahnovii Plays series both JC and Brayden play several different video games ranging from all different genres.


The group consists of:

  • JC Ndoci, born 18 February 2003 (2003-02-18) [age 15], JC is commonly known as the main man for their channel, with many professions including rapping, editing and acting.
  • No longer is Kahnovii is Brayden Verboort, born 8 January 2003 (2003-01-08) [age 15], Brayden is also an actor in the duo, as well as being a passionate multi-talented person.

Both JC and Brayden were born in Queensland, Australia.


2014: Beginnings and breakthrough

Kahnovii began posting videos on YouTube in September 2014.

Kahnovii's channel was created on September 11th, 2014. Their first video was titled the Cinnamon Challenge which was deleted not many months after it was uploaded. Kahnovii first started to upload a series of boxing and fighting tutorials as both JC and Brayden used to be big boxing fans back in the day, those videos also were deleted for some reason. A few months after their boxing and fighting series slowed down they began uploading the series today known as The Teddioos. Before Kahnovii, JC and Brayden used to go by the name Jahwoo. Jahwoo, made December 13th, 2013, originally was a YouTube channel similar to Kahnovii but contained both JC and his friend Che Conrad, who now lives in New Zealand.