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Kakio is a YouTuber focusing on gaming, mostly on World of Warcraft commentary and rants


Kakio created his account on January 14, 2013, and uploaded his first video 4 months later, titled "Dumbest ways to die in WoW (WoW Machinima)." He has uploaded a few more World of Warcraft machinimas, and then moving on to rants, being represented by a stick figure with eyes, and a backwards baseball cap. In one of his videos, this stick figure has a white body with a black outline instead.

He has also done some machinimas in his rants (here), and done a Ironman challenge on his channel, though it is not known that if he has cancelled the series, lost the challenge, or simply forgot or lost interest in it. Same thing is the case of the Tri-ron man challenge, with him playing with Krucial (Hellscream) and Hirumaredx.

During his rants, he has tended to insult himself, such as joking on his upload schedule. He uploads only a few videos each month.

Exposing WarcraftBible

Kakio has exposed the notorious WoW YouTuber WarcraftBible on his channel in one of his videos.

In this video, Kakio has been showing WarcraftBible's videos, but then comparing it to a article, meaning that WarcraftBible has been using articles for his videos and just saying them word-to-word. Further more, he has been stealing footage of other YouTubers (Such as DoronsMovies), and it was revealed that he is funding his videos, thus breaking a actual USA law.

When Kakio, on one of his alternate channels, posted a comment trying to prove he is in fact, plagiarizing articles, WarcraftBible hid that comment, prompting him to add a second half on his video rant. This has led to WarcraftBible apologizing. After apologizing, he decided to move on from World of Warcraft and promptly deleted his channel.


  • Kakio's main character is a Draenei Shaman.
    • He used this character solely to make gold when this character was low level.
  • According to some of his rants, he is inexperienced in PvP and does not like Raid Finder.
  • Kakio's face has not been revealed. He did jokingly show his knee in his subscribers special.