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Zivot je kratak, Pojedi batak

―Kale Gospodar Vremena

Dragan Otasevic (Born July 20, 1971) Known as Kale Gospodar Vremena, Is a Serbian YouTuber who makes pranks videos.


Dragan Otasevic Lives in Belgrade, He mostly likes folk music, He likes action movies and he mostly likes to have fun.


Kale mostly goes out side and record his videos, In buses and in streetscars, Where he mostly talk with his self or talk with other people. Some people hates hem and some loves hem.


  • Zivot je kratak, Pojedi batak, - Life is short, Eat a drumstick.
  • Jedi boraniju brateuuu, - Eat green beans brotherrrr.


Famous Videos

Najbolji video u 95 autobus06:54

Najbolji video u 95 autobus

Dzedaj jede buraniju brateeeeeeeeee06:26

Dzedaj jede buraniju brateeeeeeeeee

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