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Život je kratak, pojedi batak.

―Kale Gospodar Vremena

Dragan Otašević (born July 20, 1971), also known as Kale Gospodar Vremena or by his YouTube username KALE DZEDAJ IMAM SILU, is a Serbian YouTuber/vlogger that usually records himself during his daily activities. He also might be commonly refered to simply as Kale (his nickname). Any relatives are currently unknown.


Kale is very poor man. He lives in a small apartment in Belgrade, but in recent videos, he has been visiting an unknown family on the countryside, presumed to be his relatives. Some of the consequences of being poor are clearly seen in his videos: The bad shape of his apartment, furniture and electronics, his notable missing teeth (which he is famous for) and in a lot of videos, he tends to complain how he can't afford certain foods. Kale is also a member of a national kitchen, where he gathers lots of his food.

Most of Kale's videos depict him with earphones, recording himself and singing loudly in public (usually on the streets or in buses). He causes lots of surrounding people to either get mad at him, or burst out laughing. He sometimes bothers people with nonsensical questions and maniacal laughing, and he also often chants random phrases in a gruff voice, always ending with his well-known "Ale, ale!".

The exact purpose of Kale's channel is not known. People in the comments of his videos are divided in groups. Some people think that Kale knows that he is poor, and he acts like this to keep himself and the people around him happy and entertained. Others believe that Kale is just purposely annoying people, and they often leave insults in his comment section. There is also a small amount of people that think that Kale is mentally ill, however, this has not been proven.

It is also worth mentioning that, apart from singing in public and chanting food names, Kale also has a mini-series on his channel called Kale Kičen (Kale Kitchen). This "series" consists of 30-second to 3-minute videos of him preparing various meals for himself.


  • Život je kratak, pojedi batak. - (rough translation) Life is short, eat a drumstick.
  • Jedi boraniju, brateuuuu. - (rough translation) Eat green beans brotherrrr.


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Jedi virsle kaze kale ahahahahahahahahaha-0

Jedi virsle kaze kale ahahahahahahahahaha-0