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Colette Butler (born June 30, 1982 (1982-06-30) [age 36]) known on YouTube as Katilette is an American YouTube Vlogger & is the wife of YouTuber star Shaycarl.

Personal Life

They have 5 children: Sontard (Gavin), Princesstard (Avia), Babytard (Emmi), Rocktard (Brock) and Brotard (Daxton). She and her family live in Idaho with their Great Dane, Ezekiel, and live in the same property as Casey and Kayli Butler, her brother and sister in law. Colette and her family have been vlogging on the Shaytards channel for over five years.

Early life

She has a big family including (From oldest to youngest): Adam, her only brother and oldest sibling, Candice, her oldest sister, Sadie and Callie her youngest sibling. Colette lost her mother to breast cancer when she was young and after some time her father remarried a women named Peggy who had 6 children on her own. 

Before Shay's YouTube success, Colette was an exercise trainer, and has always shown an interest in health.

YouTube career

Recently, she has been regularly uploading videos to her own channel, Katilette. The collaborative channel, The Mom's View, as well as featuring herself in many of Shay's skits and of course in Shay's "daily" vlogs.  Her kids also make appearances in her vlogs.

Music career

As well as being an amazing mother, and actress, Colette is also known for her love of music, and her beautiful voice. She has expressed that she enjoys music, and can often be heard singing to herself, and her kids. In 2014, She made a Christmas album with her family. The album is titled "Sparrow of the Birch" and contains 11 songs. It was released on November 25 (2014). There are music videos for all of the songs except for "The First Noel". Half of the videos can be found on her YouTube Channel, Katilette and the other half of the videos can be found on Callie's YouTube channel, Callie's Brain Log.