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Kevin Brueck was a YouTuber who usually does news on on his show called The Friday Show. The show isn't as uploaded as much as it was due to filming for the The Annoying Orange TV Show on Cartoon Network but he tries to upload it as much as possible. He also does a show on his channel called Stuff Kevin Likes; which used to run by SXEPHIL until he decided not to do it anymore. Kevin used to upload Stuff Kevin Likes everyday but like The Friday Show days are missing due to him filming The Annoying Orange performed the voices of Celery, and Grandpa Lemon in the The Annoying Orange (series) series. He was also a guest star in Liam the Leprechaun as the Leprechaun Boss.

Segments on The Friday Show

I Could Not Care Less: These are subjects that Kevin really does not find that interesting.

Man I Wanna Buy You A Beer: This is usually a tribute to someone or some people that did something total awesome and if he ever recognized them in a bar he would buy him/her or them a beer.


This channel is like any other second channel. posts behind the secens and vlogs every once in a while.