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KianAndJc is a YouTube collaboration channel that consists of Kian Lawley and Justin "Jc" Caylen. This channel began on July 27th, 2014 and the first video of the channel's existence was the first installment of many teaser's for the channel called "7 Days To Go" which was published on January 12th, 2015. This video was published a week after Kian Lawley and Justin "Jc" Caylen would departure the now abandoned channel, Our2ndLife, another YouTube collaboration channel which 3 Million Subscribers by the time of it's inactivity. This channel though has 2.4 Million subscribers. And the duo post videos every day currently on the channel.


After Our2ndLife

On December 29th, 2014, Our2ndLife, a now inactive YouTube collaboration channel which included Kian Lawley and Justin "Jc" Caylen; would be announcing it's end. And on January 3rd 2015, Kian Lawley would make his final vlog on the channel. A week later, Kian and Jc would create a bunch of teasers on their channel (previously created) to promote their first "official" video. "Waxing Best Friend Challege" which has over 3.4 Million views to this day.

Beginning of Daily Vlogging

Since the "Waxing Best Friend Challenge" video published on January 19th 2015, the pair of Kian and Jc would post videos of different challenges and topic videos subjected to an teenage/young-adult audience every friday, the pair never considered doing any other types of videos as formats on their challenge.

This was until one of their QnA videos, "Can We JuJu On That Beat?" (published on October 28th, 2016), when they would announce doing daily vlogs every other day and friday videos would keep the same format. This was a format used on their former collaboration channel.


Turn Ons & Turn Offs

Turn Ons & Turn Offs

Hot Candle Wax Challenge ft

Hot Candle Wax Challenge ft. Wassabi Productions

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