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Profile: KickthePj
Twitter: @kickthepj
Facebook: kickthepj
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Style: Vlogging
Date Joined: May 10, 2007
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 650,000+*
Videos: 205+
Schedule: 3-4 Videos Weekly
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
WELCOME! KickThePJ02:17


Most Viewed Video
The Pushover with Danisnotonfire03:21

The Pushover with Danisnotonfire

PJ Liguori (born December 11, 1990) is an Italian YouTube photographer, entertainer, comedian, artist and musician born in Peterborough, England. He attended University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey, England, and graduated in 2013. PJ started making videos in late 2007, and has steadily gained subscribers and his figures now stand in the 628,000 territory. He wows viewers with clever sketches and animations, brilliant impressions and general humour. He's well-known for his creative short-films. PJ also makes music and has released and album called "Stories From Somewhere" which you can listen to here , along with other music he has created. He describes his music as Anti-Folk, and the music gives off a very summery and careless vibe, which makes everyone who listens happy. In November 2012, PJ won a Virgin Media award for his short film 'PJ, Tiny Planet Explorer', the award itself holding its place on his desk. PJ hit 400,000 subscribers on September 22nd, 2013.


After setting up the YouTube channel, "KickThePj" in April 2008, Liguori started posting vlogs to a small audience. His most popular video is entitled "Valentines". His videos consist of vlogs, animations, music videos and stories.

Peej has also become part of the famous "Fantastic Foursome" group of English youtubers, who includes PJ, Phil Lester (aka AmazingPhil), Chris Kendall (aka Crabstickz) and Dan Howell (aka Danisnotonfire).   

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Awards & Nominations

  • In 2014, Pj was placed at #3 In Sugarscape's Hottest Lads of 2014, surpassing Dan Howell (aka Danisnotonfire) by 2 places, and One place behind Phil Lester (aka AmazingPhil)


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