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KingDaddyDMAC is a gaming YouTuber mainly popular for his Minecraft Series and Ark Series. He goes on YouTube by 'kingdaddydmac'.  


He joined YouTube on April 22, 2009 and started making Pokémon Videos. After that he started a Minecraft Survival Series. He now plays on 4 servers - Hermitcraft Minecraft, Hermitcraft Feed The Beast (A Mod Pack for Minecraft),The Pixelmon Pixelleague, and an Ark Survival Server, He is also currently engaged 


KingDaddyDMAC (real name David) makes Minecraft Videos and is most popular for his Ark: Survival Evolved series. He uploaded his first video on November 23, 2012. Till Date (March,2013), his survival series consists of 77 Episodes. He has created a lots of Farms etc in his series. He also plays on a Hermitcraft Survival server and a FTB Hermitcraft server.In the middle of 2015, he started playing Ark: Survival Evolved with a few other Hermits, he currently has 4 season of Ark and ongoing episodes. Why does he not yell?!?!?!?? Like seriously, HE NEVER GETS EXCITED OR YELLS WHEN HES CLEARLY PISSED OFF!! WTF!!! It drives me up the god damn wall!