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Marko known as KingsOfFailsShow or Marko KOFS is a Croatian gaming YouTuber. He was born on November 12, 1992. His real surname is unknow because he doesn't want to share it for personal reasons.


Marko's main channel KingsOfFailsShow was started in November 2013 by him and his friend Tomislav. The very first video on the channel was filmed by Marko and it's called Assasin Creed Black Flag. At the time the channel consisted mostly of RPG and FPS videogames, and it was almost all of the time one game in a gameplay made by exclusively by one of them. They did play some mini videogames together such as Millionaire and Pokémon Fire Red.

After a year on the channel, Tomislav left for undisclosed reasons and Marko took over. When Tomislav left there was a noticeable change at the channel. There were more videogames Marko took interest in , it mainly being Minecraft and Minecraft minigames, and he started to colab with other YouTubers like BloodMaster because Marko was fascinated how BloodMaster reached 1k subs. Later on the two became best friends. One more noticeable thing is that videos became more cheerful, filled with humour and Marko stopped using foul language. Shortly after his channel began to gain momentum and he went from 32 subs from December 2013 to 6000 subs in December 2014 to 100,000 in August 2015. As of April 2017  his channel counts over 450,000 subscribers.

In 2015 Marko made a side channel that was intended for his english gameplay videos, but he only publicly announced it in January 2017 as channel Marki, and all previous videos on that channel have been privated.

One of his main marks in filming is use of his outro PAA PAAAAA! as well the use of titles that contain a quote from the video, use of great jokes, constant laughing, nervous talk while playing horror videogames, changes in pitch of the voice, green background and until recently black-red headphones.

Noticable gameplays

In 2015 Marko began filming Minecraft Preživljavanje - Osveta , a minecraft series that was intended to be a regural minecraft survival but turned into a directed series as he kept giving voices to characters like Darude aka Veliki čarobnjak Fenix (Or Great wizard Phoenix, named after a song Darude by Sandstorm as a joke), Kloki ( a minecraft chicken with attitude), Princ Tame evil being in a form of a dragon, later in a form of a minecraft zombie with an alias Mata (rearranged spells out Tama). The series became one of the most viewed ones on his channel and the Minecraft Preživljavanje – Osveta Part1, as of April 2017 counts over 2.3 million views.

In July 2014 he started Don't starve gameplay series and it featured 3 seasons.

Personal  life

Marko was born on 12th of November 1992 in Zagreb, Croatia, as a second child, to his older sister Katarina. He is 191cm tall . It is presumed he grew up in Zagreb, since he attended high school there and has a distinctive accent of citizen of Zagreb. Marko attended one of Zagreb high schools for a computer technician. Marko lives with his parents who most of the year spend their time working at the sea side, so he is mostly living on his own. He self practiced guitar but doesn’t consider himself a good guitar player, and he has a piano but isn't trained in playing it. He stated that he played basketball and was a break dancer but quit  due to unknown reasons. Around 2014 he started to have heal issues with his liver and gained a lot of weight, and that made him change his lifestyle since he started taking medication and could no longer consume alcohol, fast food and energy drinks.

Marko has been in 2 relationships that he announced trough his videos.The first one was to a girl named Maja and it ended around January-May 2016, lasting 3 years. Around that same time his dog Ben passed away and it put his in a rather sad mood so he didn’t make any videos at that time, and as he stated in his video, he feared that channel would fall apart. 

At end of January 2017 Marko moved to Finland and in the comments he stated that the reason he moved is to be with his girlfriend Ivana, and to show her support since she is studying in Finland. It’s unknown to how long in the relationships they are. Marko also stated that the main reason for his trip to Finland is his grandfather passing away after an illness and he watched him get worse trough the illness, so he had to distance himself from his city and to be in a happier place, that being with his girlfriend.

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