Welcome to my channel (1930's)00:41

Welcome to my channel (1930's)

Kiro Ramy is YouTuber. In 2015 Kiro Ramy joined YouTube to make videos but he didn't make videos until a year after joining.


In 2016, when he is 7th grade kiro didn't know how to make videos but he record by using mobile android, after that he uploading videos.

His third video is called Barney Error, he got 16,397 views. and he got lots of comment and people subs to kiro ramy because other people making barney errors on YouTube or barney OS and kiro ramy still making Errors & OS for lots of years

in 9 Sep 2016 kiro ramy want making live stream but it's hard to make live stream but he have idea how to make live stream by using Hangout on air and he got friend (Angel Toon - O3V Television - Heactor - 14thdoctor and Record Guy 626)

in 12 Sep 2016 kiro ramy will stop making videos and live stream because he have school when he is 8th grade and he said: i will not making videos & live stream because i have school.

but he will making videos in thursday - Friday and saturday

in 1 November 2016 kiro ramy want help Record Guy 626 to make more Error & OS then he did but after that record guy 626 will stop making Errors & OS.

when kiro raamy got 500 Subs he did making gifts video because he got 500 subs and people loved kiro ramy gifts.

in 4 December 2016 kiro ramy watching how to record videos by using Bandicam for PC without phone video and now he know how to record videos For PC and he turned on MIc and his friend said: wow kiro you actually record video for PC that's good.

but sometimes kiro ramy making problems in videos but he will be fix videos.

in 3 Jan 2017 kiro ramy enabled Monetisation and he sign up Google AdSense and he completed sign up but kiro ramy want enable Paid content but it's not available because he is not live in United States.

in 25 April 2017 kiro ramy will stop making Videos & Live Stream Again because he have quiz in school but he is back in 12 May 2017 but kiro ramy traveled to Egypt in 5 July 2017 then he stoped making videos & live stream again but i will be back in August 2017.

Youtube Red

in 5 Sep 2017 Kiro Ramy got Youtube Red but he don't want record videos by Youtube Red but he can download videos listen musics and he can now download Youtube Kids and Google music is already exist.

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