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Colin Wyckoff (July 6, 1994 – January 25, 2015 [aged 19]) known on YouTube as kitty0706 was a YouTuber that made GMOD videos and other gaming and animation stuff.

The Start

He started his YouTube account in 2007, his first videos were simple GMOD videos and some gameplay.


Later that year he started to do GMOD animations, opening a genre of videos on Youtube, GMOD videos, Gaining him a lot of attention on the site, a lot of channels redoing his style, he did Youtube poops too, there not very famous, but still one of the first Youtube poops on the site was posted by him.


  • Elliot
  • Moments with Heavy

Popular Videos

  • Team Fabulous 2
  • Ass's Creed

Most Popular

His most popular video Team Fabulous 2, (sequel of Team Flatulence) has gained over 18 million views as of July 15, 2016.


In 2012 he was diagnosed with Leukemia, he got out of the hospital on 2013 but was diagnosed again in 2015 January 23, and died 2 days later. His death took a big toll on the Garry's Mod community.

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